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Hussar Coin PLH is a decentralised P2P payment cryptocurrency based on the Proof of Stake Consensus mechanism.  

Hussar Coin's great advantage is that it is a deflationary currency. It will be a maximum of 999,000,000.00 PLH  is divided into only 2 decimal places which will greatly facilitate and streamline your use in the form of a means of payment.  

Hussar Coin will be a very fast cryptocurrency and most importantly all trades will be completely free.


















Token Build


The Hussars Coin PLH Tokens were built on the blockchain Waves Platform. 

Token will be available on the decentralised waves DEX exchange, so if you own a token you can trade freely right away.


There will be 2 phases of the ICO  


1.       Pre - ICO for waves DEX - 15% of tokens

              ( Price = 0.0011 Waves per token )


2.      Main ICO - 55% of tokens 

              ( Price = 0.035 Waves per token )


70 % of the tokens shall be distributed during the ICO. 


Tokens not sold during the ICO will be burned.






















Buy token for sale on waves platform on DEX - Decentralized Exchange




Hussars Platform


Desktop and mobile wallet.

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